Earle had to die…

You know that one mine In Monongah – where the big disaster happened? Well, I guess in 1907 over 300 workers died and hundreds more trapped in a horrible accident. It’s been said before the bombs dropped that the mine disaster was a leading contributor to the creations of the United States Bureau of Mines… buuuttt that’s either here or there right now. What I wanted to talk about was the one dude and his friends who decided it was a “good idea” to break into said mine, FULL OF GHOSTS, and try to loot what the Hornwrights already looted? YA, that mine! It’s true. The monsters are true!

If you go there now, you’ll notice it’s been taken over by the raiders, but the Hornwright trash is still lying about. The door has been burred by rubble, but someone got the bright idea to launch a nuke there and boy, that rubble moved quick and we got a peek inside.

Now, it looks like most any other mine that’d fallen into rubble except for this… creepy feeling that runs over ya. We most definitely found out why. The front of the mine had a workshop area with workbenches we could take advantage of to repair anything we needed before going further down. Next to one of the benches, I found a holotape from Earle to his daughter Mags. Oh man, is talking about how he should never have come down here and how he doesn’t want her to think it was her fault. Dang. Poor kid… hey, isn’t there a lady named Maggie Williams in Foundation? I’m going to hafta go break some news to her… assuming WE make it out!

Under Construction

It seems as if before things went super south, they were keeping their spirits up by… playing games?

I also found a few notes scattered around the work area as well as the mines below. The messages seem to tell a tale I hope I never have to experience. Being locked down here for so long, they stopped being able to tell what time it was and the days all blurred into one. No one was prepared for this little drunken fueled expedition so they got hungry pretty fast. The first few to be eaten were the ones that died from their injuries… but it soon became everyone for themselves. Earle’s journal pages scatted around the place paint a disparate picture. Starve and be eaten, or be the eater… so…. are the stories true? You can become a wendigo by resorting to cannibalism!? Whoa I’m glad I didn’t follow Roses advice that one time and continue down THAT path…

The steel beams that help support the mine seemed like they were barely holding the thing up. The way the vines twisted down, almost as they were grabbing at you – and trying to get you to stop. We entered into a larger holding area of sorts. It was full of machinery from when the mine collapsed. There was also the remnants of a makeshift kitchen… the smell in there could make a rad rat gag.

OH, not to mention all the dead bodies lying around and the wendigos that wanted to eat our faces off. Ya, that was a little treat. No wonder I had that feeling when I came in here, heh. OH LOOK, a bloody rock hole. Wonder what that is used for…

What's this hole for...?

I thought we had made it as far as we could until an aftershock from the nuke hit. More rubble ended up tumbling down and we were led into the deepest depths of the mine, and the lair of Earle himself… but Earle was no longer a man, and no longer just any old wendigo. Earle had turned into a Wendigo Colossus. A three-headed, extremely tall wendigo who has a possie of “normal” wendigos who constantly surrounding him. Oh, did I mention that his three heads spit AND scream? One spits acid, one spits radiated shit, and one screams and scares the crap out of you. Look at this, I was so scared, I could see myself OUTSIDE my body!


Earle had beef with anyone and everyone who came down there – and those wendigos surrounding him did not make it easy to line up shots. Once we figured out how to split the load, we were able to take him and all his minions down. (tip, shoot the middle head, a bunch. From far away. It seemed to help with the screaming a bit)

And we did find this guy. I guess it was the only place he felt safe…


After Earle fell, we only had a few moments to grab our loot and take off. The way out was littered with wendigos who did not want us to escape. A few well-placed shots, a few grenades thrown and we were out of the pit and back to the main entrance. I had time to pop into the office due to the commotion from below knocking the wall down. I was able to score some basic stuff – ore and what not. Better than nothing eh! Once we ran out, we were choked by the rads from the nuke storm. Make sure to bring your hazmat suit, power armor, or something. If Earle and his cronies couldn’t getcha, don’t let the rads take you out!

Did you make it down to see Earle? Were you able to find anything awesome? Let me know below! You don’t even need a real email address to comment, just make something up! Post your cool pictures or stories below. I look forward to seeing them!


Is this… Lucky?

I was hanging out at Ford Defiance again and decided to take a little walkabout. I had never been north up the road so that’s where I decided to go. Well, let me tell you – an assaultron crossing your path will most defiantly wake you up!! Here I am, trying to take an awesome photo, super proud of it and BAM! from the other side is just pure evil.


I am not ashamed to say, I ran. I ran away and hid in the nearest place I could find. An Elevator – and it still worked! When I got up there, I was in awe. It was so amazing – how did these huge machines work! It reminded me of a bike chain- and I was in its link. I wondered around and found a Gnome contemplating his existence… OH! A GREEN BALL!


After hanging out for a bit, the sun started to set and I noticed a beacon of sorts… it called to me, like… like, those little bugs to your porch light, like… moths to a flame. As I drew near I could hear the snapping of the fire and the shadowy outline of buildings… what was this place… I decided it best to wait until daylight to examine and I’m glad I did. I found a Mothman Cultist hang out! I’ve always thought these guys were neat and wondered what it was that the Mothman brought to them. “When his wings flutter, I will feel him and not fear the darkness of night”. To not fear the night would be wonderful… but that’s a pipe dream out here in the wasteland.

I walked into the main hanger and found a seaming normal office setting for an abandoned mine. Desks, fans, scraps for my stash… all sorts of things. It’s when I went to start to collect things that I found a weird letter…He Agrees. It plainly stated, “Your offering is acceptable to Him.” Acceptable to who, a new overseer? I decided to dig a little deeper and hacked the terminal on the desk next to the letter… maybe someone had more to say about him…

Well, the terminal didn’t talk about him, but it did mention a strange old woman coming in and wanting a tour of the place. What’s so strange about that… maybe she was really into rocks.. oh wait. No. I went to the next entry and saw that when they were getting ready to shut the tapped mine down, the miner felt someone watching him… and it was HER! She also had some friends with her! They wanted to see the depths of the mine and wanted him to show them… so he ran. Well. ya. OK… that IS a little strange… oh boy, and it looks like the old lady and her people didn’t take no for an answer. When the guy came back to check on the locks, they were all broken. So this place was left to the people… The people of the Mothman.


As I make my way down the mine I find all these totems and ritual altars lining the place. The candles that lit the way were the perfect amount of light and added to that spooky ambiance. I was creeping around and checking all the corners and found lead! I’m so glad to find a new location in which I can grab more lead. I use too much ammo and have run through my supplies. Thank the lead veins!

Further down I found a more fantastic alter and another note- His Birth: He is the one who came before. The Firstborn of the Wood. Blood wept from his branches and he shared with all His believers. This is starting to get kinda weird… and you know what I just noticed? THE CULTISTS ARE MADE INTO THE ALTERS!! THEY ARE PEOPLE!!! oh wow! I know I kill people all the time, but this… this is another level! What does this great Mothman offer!? I can’t wait to find out.


I found another note- His Springs: His believers wept, for their new home lacked water and their throats were dry. He gathered their tears in His branches and spread them upon the earth, and from that came fourth the sprints. Hmm… these springs do not look drinkable.


I continued down the pathway until I came across what looked like the main chapel. I kinda understand why that guy felt like people were watching him – because they were! I found a secret path that brought behind the waterfall. If you look carefully, you can see some paths… good luck if you decide to come here yourself. You’ll need it- because what I found next was shocking.

I don’t even know how to describe it… was this HIM?! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the wasteland – and it felt… alive still. Once I saw that I skedaddled outta there. Decided reliving some of the last days of Vault 51 would be more relaxing.

Look, I’m not saying to go there… I’m just saying to be safe… and watch out for Him…


A Horse is a Horse? Neigh… Not at Camden!

I was trudging across the Ash Heap region and decided to stop by good ol’ Camden Park. If you haven’t heard about it before – this is where Mr. Fuzzy can be found! It was an amusement park that had rides and stuff before the bomb. I heard they had “smile training” for some of the more… fleshy employees… Now the only things who hang out there are Scorched, ghouls, and Fuzzy Brenda. She misses her job something awful. Poor thing.

Mr. Fuzzy
The map in front of Camden Park. This guy couldn’t figure out where to go.

As I was thinking about how cool it would be to have these rides working and to be able to, you know, ride. I got to looking closer and noticed something I had never noticed before. The animals on the carousel were… different. Almost.. in pain?

Horse Shot with Arrows

I couldn’t stop zooming in to get a closer shot with my camera – the detail was amazing. Look at the little blood drops coming out where the horse was shot! Who would have thought to have done that! Did you see the horse with the lion trying to rip his neck out?! Crazy cool!

I think my favorite is the horse being eaten by a squid. It’s the artists’ style of a mashed up sea horse. How did the squid get to the horse? Do horses like to swim? Even a Lion Horse with his Pick Axe! How did it use an ax without thumbs?

What horse is your favorite?

The C.A.M.P. is always greener…

Once I decide to move I miss my old house terribly! I remember my first major house fondly.. it was… where was that again… Near the AVR Medical center. I moved into an already furnished place. That way all I had to bring was my main shop components and a few snazzy decorations. The only issue was all the super mutants. Every time I came home one was shooting at my water pump! What did that pump ever do to them!?

Your first house is like your first love… you never forget!

My second house was a stick-built using the contemporary housing modules. I decided to craft it on an abandoned train track. I had water, views, space to build. it was wonderful… and the hind site being what it is.. I wish I didn’t leave. BUT I must keep moving forward! Those blood eagles were a little TOO close for comfort.

A nice evening after the Faschnaut Day parade.

This house is also where I met my first wasteland animal friend – The Sloth. The slot and I were going to be great friends.. until he couldn’t find his way back home. After the Sloth left, I was able to bring Yaoguaii Bear home with me. He stayed around for a few days until those mutants came back. They killed my poor friend. I miss you Yaoguaii and sloth friend. (We don’t’ talk about the rad toad. he never even made it NEAR the house… idk)

The spot I’m currently residing in is a combination of both places. I have the Stick Built I love, size and shape that is awesome, but I also have the furnished garage with mother in law unit (if it had doors) and I had a mother in law. This is one of the only spots on the map that grows pumpkins! FRESH PUMPKINS! We also get the random Scorch Beast and I have my own cult of the Mothman group nearby.

I’m keeping an eye out for the best spots to build. Do you know of any? Let me know!

I guess I’m in the Army, Now?

WOW! Things couldn’t get any weirder and now I’m in the Army?! HA! I went out searching for some ballistic fiber and one thing leads to another and I’m talking to Master Sargent Gutsy and he’s wanting me to get dolled up to die for my country! Machines. So… cute?

As I run around looking for my uniform and hat, I come across a Sargent Gutsy saying “get a move on Cadette! You’re gonna miss the best part of the war!” Uh, Mr. Gutsy- there is no “best part of the war”. Well, it looks like I’ll humor the poor things and run their courses. Marksmanship, Agility, and Patriotism. Got it.

I decided to try my hand at the Agility course first. Sure as shucks – it was fun! I’ve always wanted to do one of these courses. Sure, it could have been more fun with some friends, but it’s a good thing I can cheer myself on – I sure needed it! I did see a few other Cadette’s as I was running it but they kept to themselves.

Next up is Patriotism! I was wondering why these mannequins were each in a fully furnished room… these wallpapers are great. Looks like I’ve got to go interview them… This will be the most interaction I’ve had with a humanoid all day! Now… which one of you is a commie… Dang! I guess being able to sniff out a commie could be the difference between life and death for you and your family.

Topher seems like the all American mannequin… though he IS missing clothing. I don’t think that’d go over well nowadays sir.


Jimmy loves the 4th of July. That’s just dripping with patriotism… right? Jimmy needs some clothing too.. but this is the wallpaper I like! Why is his terminal password protected? OH, it is someone he admires a lot. I read his diary and found it was FDR! Aw shucks, that boy. Aw man, this kid. Wonder if Mr. Morton is still around… Jimmy loves his pop.

JianJun sounds like a good kid as well! He moved from San Francisco and says it’s a lot colder here. He wants to own a car, or two! Dang. That’s a lot of cars. Why would he need so many cars? He sure loves America.


OOOOhhhhhh… Getting back to the terminal I found out it’s really “Supporting a collective action” that is the gateway to becoming a Communist. Well, I guess It would have to be poor Jimmy. He was trying to protect his father and his friends’ dads… I don’t see how that is being red but… this is how they thought way back when.

Now for Marksmanship! One of my favorite things to do nowadays is shoot stuff. sometimes for fun, sometimes to stay alive. It depends on how much ammo I have left! I passed! Now for the live-fire course!! PSH – This course was nothing! I’ve come across scorched that was scarier than what they thought commies would be like!

Well, I flew past that with flying colors!! I was able to pick up enough ballistic fiber for my new armor plan! I’m very excited to craft and wear around some new armor! It should help me stealth better. At least it helped the original lady who wore it!

I am now a private and a member of the US Army.. so maybe besides Private Lucky, I’m an OK thing about being in the army, hehe.

Just turn me loose… in Allegheny Asylum, West Virginia

Sleep... forever

As I crept up to the gates of the Asylum I noticed that the people of the past are frozen in place. I do not know why they wanted to get in there so bad. Maybe something large was chasing them… Walking inside the asylum, you most definitely the chills. Like, some crazy stuff has gone down.. and you find yourself wondering what some of these people’s last moments were like. I was able to find one of the famous “Man Masks” but as soon as I put it on it felt as if nothing was real.. like, it was just all a game.

Once I saw the flamingos creeping in on the mannequin, I knew i had to get out before things got even weirder.