Flash! Bam! Wonderful… I Came By?

Since I had such a good time at Camden park I thought why not keep the amusement park theme going. Wavy Willards it is! Traveling North is always slower than going south.. I don’t know why… must be gravity or magic. We can’t rule anything out in the wasteland! Before starting out on the journey I make sure my bags are packed properly. I have enough food and water to last for days, as well as stem packs, disease cures, rad-x, and rad away. I get my trusty treasure hunter outfit on and this snazzy fedora I found earlier in the day. Then I see the armor I forgot to scrap… and the weapons? Ugh, I forgot to do chores!! Those can wait. Adventure is on the horizon!

Wavy Willards

I’m here, I made it – this place is awesome!! I wish I could have been here with some clean water and less scorched about (and truthfully, fewer raiders!). I had gotten a backpack from some mole miner traders a while back with this awesome safari crocolossus stuffed animal – and I FINALLY GET TO SEE IT IN REAL LIFE! I had no idea it was from here. I’m even more stoked I came.

Is that… Miss Annie?!

As I was snapping some pictures of this behemoth I noticed a Mrs. Handy Robot named Miss. Annie. She came up to me and was asking about a missing boy – one she took care of a long time ago. I guess they were here at Wavy Willards just before the bombs dropped. I don’t know why she thinks the boy would still be around, but I can humor the bot for a while. Miss. Annie requests that I review the Holo Tapes and see what I can see. I decided to go to the security office first. I mean, they HAD to have seen something. A place like this needs security.

Passed these guys… they look familiar!?

I found an office with a working terminal. It looked like the park had been reviewing the tapes. They had seen the boy near the Slither Slide talking to someone he looked as if he knew… Pete was the one who found it. Wow. They did have a security system in place.. it even recorded tapes of the bathroom! (Thanks for letting me know about this Tom – video footage review) So October 19th is when the boy was taken… but it looks like October 23rd he came back? I’ll be reviewing further…

In the tape, the guy says he has a surprise for the kid and not to share it with anyone… and that the nanny wouldn’t like it. The man talked the kid into taking off his ID so he could take him away and the nanny couldn’t find him.

So this guy is asking where the special box is.. the one that puts the staff on the ladder? What the heck? As I’m pondering all of this, I’m getting hungry. I grab some sugar bombs and go to toss my trash. I see a mailbox next to the trash can which has a letter to the local news department talking about Grafton Steel… about how it’s been polluting the water and killing people with the toxic sludge! The letter was addressed to a PO box in Clarksburg. Wait… did this guy… no, this can’t be.

I went back to the Slither Slide and end up finding a Kid Safe ID for Freddy Woods. This is the boys’ ID. It was hidden in a box. Oh no, I fear the worst. I need to get to Clarksburg and see what else is inside that PO Box. It’s just south of Wavy Willards too… lucky.

I’ve found the PO box no problem… well, no MAJOR problems…

It looks like Grafton Steel became the Governments preferred war contractor… They were just churning out stuff as fast as possible and not caring about what they were doing to the area around them – and that includes their workers. They fluffed numbers and used almost slave labor to get the job done for the government and the war.

Well, Otis Pike is the whistleblower. He sure was brave… except the part where he stole someone’s kid? I was able to figure it out pretty quickly – once I noticed that the terminal was still in working condition… Super glad the laws don’t really count nowadays or else I’d get into trouble for knowing this information! Now I’m off to Grafton. Wow, this is better than a soap opera!

I found Otis’ house. Right on the front counter, there was a letter to terminate his employment with Grafton Steel because he was spreading “propaganda” about the plant. What!? He was only trying to save the townsfolk! It’s almost like this company cared more for its profits rather than the people who help make those profits! OTIS WAS KIN!?! He was related to them! WHOA! DRAMA!! It was his in-laws! They married his sister! wow. no wonder. in-laws. shesh.


So Otis took the evidence and told the media about it.. which caused his getting fired from his job which caused Otis to resort to more drastic measures… wow. So he decides to kidnap poor Freddy and ransom him for the safety of the whole community.

I searched for more clues at the dam. It looks like Freddy had no idea what was going on and started to hate his Uncle Otis. At the start of this adventure, he had a good time – getting a game and seeing new areas. Then Otis took his candy and made him sit still so he decided to use his scouts’ training (hey, I’m training to be a scout too!) to trap his uncle so he could escape! (He left notes all around the damn so I’m sleuthing it out as we go)

Where would a kid run to if not running away from? Home? They would want to run home – so I head there. Wow. That kid lived across the way from Wavy Willards! Lucky.. Well – he made it back home.. We can only hope the kid made it into his vault with his dad. Let us believe that he did and make it a happy ending story. AND Freddy made it home!


Miss Annie was happy to hear that her boy made it back in. It felt like a small victory in the understanding of our great big Wasteland.

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6 months ago

Great Job!