The C.A.M.P. is always greener…

Once I decide to move I miss my old house terribly! I remember my first major house fondly.. it was… where was that again… Near the AVR Medical center. I moved into an already furnished place. That way all I had to bring was my main shop components and a few snazzy decorations. The only issue was all the super mutants. Every time I came home one was shooting at my water pump! What did that pump ever do to them!?

Your first house is like your first love… you never forget!

My second house was a stick-built using the contemporary housing modules. I decided to craft it on an abandoned train track. I had water, views, space to build. it was wonderful… and the hind site being what it is.. I wish I didn’t leave. BUT I must keep moving forward! Those blood eagles were a little TOO close for comfort.

A nice evening after the Faschnaut Day parade.

This house is also where I met my first wasteland animal friend – The Sloth. The slot and I were going to be great friends.. until he couldn’t find his way back home. After the Sloth left, I was able to bring Yaoguaii Bear home with me. He stayed around for a few days until those mutants came back. They killed my poor friend. I miss you Yaoguaii and sloth friend. (We don’t’ talk about the rad toad. he never even made it NEAR the house… idk)

The spot I’m currently residing in is a combination of both places. I have the Stick Built I love, size and shape that is awesome, but I also have the furnished garage with mother in law unit (if it had doors) and I had a mother in law. This is one of the only spots on the map that grows pumpkins! FRESH PUMPKINS! We also get the random Scorch Beast and I have my own cult of the Mothman group nearby.

I’m keeping an eye out for the best spots to build. Do you know of any? Let me know!

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