The divine light… I can see it. I regret nothing.

Hey Dwellers! Today was pretty rad. I was running around the hills and found an old church. Upon further investigation, it was a Mothman Cult hangout! Oh man, these guys sure do know how to decorate! Now, full disclosure – I did eat some weird things I found in a box in an abandoned shack… so I’m not 100% sure on what I saw – but it will most defiantly be remembered.

I’m not sure why they build as they do, but I love how they always seem to build a lookout point. It’s very primitive… mixing bones, vines, wire, and wood. I’ve seen a few of their locations and they always seem to have one. I can’t wait to find the next location!

This spot in particular was creepy due to the original inhabitants. It looked like it was better to drink their sorrows… I hope I never have to make such a decision. Let us think more happy thoughts! I sat there for a while and pondered… and sort of felt a

THAT’S RIGHT! I can get my jetpack – holey smokes. Let’s trade some tickets for gold and get this rolling! ack, so excited! (wait, am I getting shot!?)

am i getting shot?

First I have to head off to Foundation. Now, I’m not going to say they hate me… but I did kind of double-cross them. I mean, common – who wouldn’t?! (didn’t you?!!) They still let me come in and do freelance gigs, so we mustn’t be THAT bad off, amirite? I grabbed my gold and in a hop, skip and a jump later was at Vault 79. Now.. I’d been saving up for this for a while now... I FINALLY got the Secret Service Jet Pack plan!!

To celebrate, a friend and I went and got SOME SCORCHED IN BOTTLES! We headed over to the Morgantown Airport and in the hanger directly outside the quarantine area. On the top level, you’ll see this poor guy (who’s parts I did NOT get) but I was able to pick up a hand, foot, and a HEAD in specimen jars! This will be perfect in my nice display cabinet – right next to the windigo vocal sac, mutant head, and creepy doll…

I hope your day was half as much fun as mine was. Take it easy hope to catch ya sometime in the wasteland!

Don’t forget, you don’t need a real email address to leave a comment below! Show me some awesome Cultist pictures you have. Locations, sayings, lets talk cryptid lovers. What’s your local cryptid? Have you ever seen it before?

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