Ugh, Now I want a Nuka-Cola

You know when you are walking along and you just get a hankering for something? I had that today with Nuka-Cola. I was wondering around the wasteland when I ran across a corpse near the old abandoned bog town. This poor guy. His name was Richard Taylor. I guess he was at work when his assistant turned. She was able to “get” his son before he managed to “put her down”. Whoa. He had never wanted to kill anyone until then. I think I know what he feels like. One time Grham killed my mega sloth pet as he was walking home. Ohhh emmmm geeee, I’ve never wanted to kill a mutant so bad – and I couldn’t! Ugh. the WORST.

Well, next to his dead body was a note and a duffel bag. Inside this bag, I found a key. Let’s FOLLOW THE CLUES! I kept wondering, following the river south west. Glowing Gulpers were all over the area… why do they always look so confused, heh. Me too dude, me too. OH! Found out where the beavers learned how to make dams…. they killed the engineer! Ate her brains! HAha. okay. maybe… maybe not.. WHO KNOWS. (but she really was an engineer)

I went to the other side of the river to get a better picture of the dam and came across another skeleton and a locked box. Now, I don’t know how many keys you have out here, but I don’t have many. So I figured I might as well try the one I just found – and wouldn’t you know, it worked! Oh man, who is this dead person!! Inside I found another key, the key to Clara’s box. This is turning into a regular what the hell is going on in the wasteland! I should go get that Nuka-Cola now.

she's dead jim

I decided to take the long way home. Running along the railroad tracks until I found something to pique my interest. I got a notice on my pip-boy to go talk to Davenport. He needed some more pictures of the Crater for research. Off to Sutton I go. I decided to keep on my search for that Nuka Cola since I was in a town, I stopped off at the Red Rocket. All they had was a pie slice that I couldn’t get to. Whhyyyyyyyyy! Let’s just get this photo opp going.

RR Tracks

As I was walking out of the diner I noticed a bunch of Nuka-Cola bottles on the ground by a doghouse. Lucky dog! Wait… there is ANOTHER dead body by it. SHESH. It’s like.. the dead are trying to tell me something. Most likely that Nuka-Cola is bad for me and it’s got more than the daily amount of sugar. I know this. It’s why it’s so good.

Ugh, I found another note. This one was to Clara’s mom. Oh, man.. who’s cutting onions. She’s going to get revenge on the bastards in marketing who did this to her mom… and what that was is getting her addicted to something. Wait, why would marketing be to blame? In the doghouse, I found Clara’s box. I had the key from earlier in the day so I opened it. YOU GUYS WOULDN’T BELIEVE THIS! I found a NUKA COLA LOCKER KEY! Off to the Nuka-Cola Plant, we go! I might finally get that pop!!

From the outside, it looks like a wonderland of Nuka. The huge bottles, the billboards, it’s almost like an amusement park. Buuuttt once you get into the inside, it all looks different. It’s very run down. I was able to find my beloved Nuka-Cola though!! I can’t forget to grab a swig it. Yum! Oh, wait, a safe. Let me open this…

I FOUND ANOTHER NOTE! The second floor, right side in the locked room. Clara’s note to Alexis. Luckily I had my lock picks on me so I was able to get in no problem. In this room is where they tested the Nuka-Cola flavors! Oh my, how exciting. I was able to read some of the notes the taste testers took. Itchy teeth? That doesn’t sound like fun… well, anyways. Clara is talking about how she hopes this Alexis can forgive her. And they both think Marketing is an evil force… oooo It looks like they were experimenting on innocent bystanders! Mercury and arsenic and strontium-90, oh my! Further back of the research area I found a locker that had been locked. but the key that was left in the doghouse was able to open it. I know where this key is from. It’s from the Black Mountian Ordnance Works.

You’ll never believe it – that’s why I took pictures. Nuka-Cola had a holding area over here, and it was filled with schwag! AND I got some SWEET T-51 POWER ARMOR NUKA-COLA PAINT PLANS!! I can’t wait to get home and use them! Also got a few pairs of Nuka-Cola jacket and pants combos. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my new plans and the bonus Nuka-Colas, but I was hoping to find… I don’t know, something more. More understanding of Clara, Alexa, and Richard. I guess that’s what happens when people die.

I’d totally recommend going for this fun little trip if you have the time – most. Worth it alone for the Nuka Quantum! Safe travels in the wasteland dwellers!

Don’t forget to comment below! Let me know your favorite spots to find cool stuff! Maybe we can take a trek together! (and you don’t even need a real email address to comment!)

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