Is this… Lucky?

I was hanging out at Ford Defiance again and decided to take a little walkabout. I had never been north up the road so that’s where I decided to go. Well, let me tell you – an assaultron crossing your path will most defiantly wake you up!! Here I am, trying to take an awesome photo, super proud of it and BAM! from the other side is just pure evil.


I am not ashamed to say, I ran. I ran away and hid in the nearest place I could find. An Elevator – and it still worked! When I got up there, I was in awe. It was so amazing – how did these huge machines work! It reminded me of a bike chain- and I was in its link. I wondered around and found a Gnome contemplating his existence… OH! A GREEN BALL!


After hanging out for a bit, the sun started to set and I noticed a beacon of sorts… it called to me, like… like, those little bugs to your porch light, like… moths to a flame. As I drew near I could hear the snapping of the fire and the shadowy outline of buildings… what was this place… I decided it best to wait until daylight to examine and I’m glad I did. I found a Mothman Cultist hang out! I’ve always thought these guys were neat and wondered what it was that the Mothman brought to them. “When his wings flutter, I will feel him and not fear the darkness of night”. To not fear the night would be wonderful… but that’s a pipe dream out here in the wasteland.

I walked into the main hanger and found a seaming normal office setting for an abandoned mine. Desks, fans, scraps for my stash… all sorts of things. It’s when I went to start to collect things that I found a weird letter…He Agrees. It plainly stated, “Your offering is acceptable to Him.” Acceptable to who, a new overseer? I decided to dig a little deeper and hacked the terminal on the desk next to the letter… maybe someone had more to say about him…

Well, the terminal didn’t talk about him, but it did mention a strange old woman coming in and wanting a tour of the place. What’s so strange about that… maybe she was really into rocks.. oh wait. No. I went to the next entry and saw that when they were getting ready to shut the tapped mine down, the miner felt someone watching him… and it was HER! She also had some friends with her! They wanted to see the depths of the mine and wanted him to show them… so he ran. Well. ya. OK… that IS a little strange… oh boy, and it looks like the old lady and her people didn’t take no for an answer. When the guy came back to check on the locks, they were all broken. So this place was left to the people… The people of the Mothman.


As I make my way down the mine I find all these totems and ritual altars lining the place. The candles that lit the way were the perfect amount of light and added to that spooky ambiance. I was creeping around and checking all the corners and found lead! I’m so glad to find a new location in which I can grab more lead. I use too much ammo and have run through my supplies. Thank the lead veins!

Further down I found a more fantastic alter and another note- His Birth: He is the one who came before. The Firstborn of the Wood. Blood wept from his branches and he shared with all His believers. This is starting to get kinda weird… and you know what I just noticed? THE CULTISTS ARE MADE INTO THE ALTERS!! THEY ARE PEOPLE!!! oh wow! I know I kill people all the time, but this… this is another level! What does this great Mothman offer!? I can’t wait to find out.


I found another note- His Springs: His believers wept, for their new home lacked water and their throats were dry. He gathered their tears in His branches and spread them upon the earth, and from that came fourth the sprints. Hmm… these springs do not look drinkable.


I continued down the pathway until I came across what looked like the main chapel. I kinda understand why that guy felt like people were watching him – because they were! I found a secret path that brought behind the waterfall. If you look carefully, you can see some paths… good luck if you decide to come here yourself. You’ll need it- because what I found next was shocking.

I don’t even know how to describe it… was this HIM?! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the wasteland – and it felt… alive still. Once I saw that I skedaddled outta there. Decided reliving some of the last days of Vault 51 would be more relaxing.

Look, I’m not saying to go there… I’m just saying to be safe… and watch out for Him…


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