I guess I’m in the Army, Now?

WOW! Things couldn’t get any weirder and now I’m in the Army?! HA! I went out searching for some ballistic fiber and one thing leads to another and I’m talking to Master Sargent Gutsy and he’s wanting me to get dolled up to die for my country! Machines. So… cute?

As I run around looking for my uniform and hat, I come across a Sargent Gutsy saying “get a move on Cadette! You’re gonna miss the best part of the war!” Uh, Mr. Gutsy- there is no “best part of the war”. Well, it looks like I’ll humor the poor things and run their courses. Marksmanship, Agility, and Patriotism. Got it.

I decided to try my hand at the Agility course first. Sure as shucks – it was fun! I’ve always wanted to do one of these courses. Sure, it could have been more fun with some friends, but it’s a good thing I can cheer myself on – I sure needed it! I did see a few other Cadette’s as I was running it but they kept to themselves.

Next up is Patriotism! I was wondering why these mannequins were each in a fully furnished room… these wallpapers are great. Looks like I’ve got to go interview them… This will be the most interaction I’ve had with a humanoid all day! Now… which one of you is a commie… Dang! I guess being able to sniff out a commie could be the difference between life and death for you and your family.

Topher seems like the all American mannequin… though he IS missing clothing. I don’t think that’d go over well nowadays sir.


Jimmy loves the 4th of July. That’s just dripping with patriotism… right? Jimmy needs some clothing too.. but this is the wallpaper I like! Why is his terminal password protected? OH, it is someone he admires a lot. I read his diary and found it was FDR! Aw shucks, that boy. Aw man, this kid. Wonder if Mr. Morton is still around… Jimmy loves his pop.

JianJun sounds like a good kid as well! He moved from San Francisco and says it’s a lot colder here. He wants to own a car, or two! Dang. That’s a lot of cars. Why would he need so many cars? He sure loves America.


OOOOhhhhhh… Getting back to the terminal I found out it’s really “Supporting a collective action” that is the gateway to becoming a Communist. Well, I guess It would have to be poor Jimmy. He was trying to protect his father and his friends’ dads… I don’t see how that is being red but… this is how they thought way back when.

Now for Marksmanship! One of my favorite things to do nowadays is shoot stuff. sometimes for fun, sometimes to stay alive. It depends on how much ammo I have left! I passed! Now for the live-fire course!! PSH – This course was nothing! I’ve come across scorched that was scarier than what they thought commies would be like!

Well, I flew past that with flying colors!! I was able to pick up enough ballistic fiber for my new armor plan! I’m very excited to craft and wear around some new armor! It should help me stealth better. At least it helped the original lady who wore it!

I am now a private and a member of the US Army.. so maybe besides Private Lucky, I’m an OK thing about being in the army, hehe.

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