Earle had to die…

You know that one mine In Monongah – where the big disaster happened? Well, I guess in 1907 over 300 workers died and hundreds more trapped in a horrible accident. It’s been said before the bombs dropped that the mine disaster was a leading contributor to the creations of the United States Bureau of Mines… buuuttt that’s either here or there right now. What I wanted to talk about was the one dude and his friends who decided it was a “good idea” to break into said mine, FULL OF GHOSTS, and try to loot what the Hornwrights already looted? YA, that mine! It’s true. The monsters are true!

If you go there now, you’ll notice it’s been taken over by the raiders, but the Hornwright trash is still lying about. The door has been burred by rubble, but someone got the bright idea to launch a nuke there and boy, that rubble moved quick and we got a peek inside.

Now, it looks like most any other mine that’d fallen into rubble except for this… creepy feeling that runs over ya. We most definitely found out why. The front of the mine had a workshop area with workbenches we could take advantage of to repair anything we needed before going further down. Next to one of the benches, I found a holotape from Earle to his daughter Mags. Oh man, is talking about how he should never have come down here and how he doesn’t want her to think it was her fault. Dang. Poor kid… hey, isn’t there a lady named Maggie Williams in Foundation? I’m going to hafta go break some news to her… assuming WE make it out!

Under Construction

It seems as if before things went super south, they were keeping their spirits up by… playing games?

I also found a few notes scattered around the work area as well as the mines below. The messages seem to tell a tale I hope I never have to experience. Being locked down here for so long, they stopped being able to tell what time it was and the days all blurred into one. No one was prepared for this little drunken fueled expedition so they got hungry pretty fast. The first few to be eaten were the ones that died from their injuries… but it soon became everyone for themselves. Earle’s journal pages scatted around the place paint a disparate picture. Starve and be eaten, or be the eater… so…. are the stories true? You can become a wendigo by resorting to cannibalism!? Whoa I’m glad I didn’t follow Roses advice that one time and continue down THAT path…

The steel beams that help support the mine seemed like they were barely holding the thing up. The way the vines twisted down, almost as they were grabbing at you – and trying to get you to stop. We entered into a larger holding area of sorts. It was full of machinery from when the mine collapsed. There was also the remnants of a makeshift kitchen… the smell in there could make a rad rat gag.

OH, not to mention all the dead bodies lying around and the wendigos that wanted to eat our faces off. Ya, that was a little treat. No wonder I had that feeling when I came in here, heh. OH LOOK, a bloody rock hole. Wonder what that is used for…

What's this hole for...?

I thought we had made it as far as we could until an aftershock from the nuke hit. More rubble ended up tumbling down and we were led into the deepest depths of the mine, and the lair of Earle himself… but Earle was no longer a man, and no longer just any old wendigo. Earle had turned into a Wendigo Colossus. A three-headed, extremely tall wendigo who has a possie of “normal” wendigos who constantly surrounding him. Oh, did I mention that his three heads spit AND scream? One spits acid, one spits radiated shit, and one screams and scares the crap out of you. Look at this, I was so scared, I could see myself OUTSIDE my body!


Earle had beef with anyone and everyone who came down there – and those wendigos surrounding him did not make it easy to line up shots. Once we figured out how to split the load, we were able to take him and all his minions down. (tip, shoot the middle head, a bunch. From far away. It seemed to help with the screaming a bit)

And we did find this guy. I guess it was the only place he felt safe…


After Earle fell, we only had a few moments to grab our loot and take off. The way out was littered with wendigos who did not want us to escape. A few well-placed shots, a few grenades thrown and we were out of the pit and back to the main entrance. I had time to pop into the office due to the commotion from below knocking the wall down. I was able to score some basic stuff – ore and what not. Better than nothing eh! Once we ran out, we were choked by the rads from the nuke storm. Make sure to bring your hazmat suit, power armor, or something. If Earle and his cronies couldn’t getcha, don’t let the rads take you out!

Did you make it down to see Earle? Were you able to find anything awesome? Let me know below! You don’t even need a real email address to comment, just make something up! Post your cool pictures or stories below. I look forward to seeing them!


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