A Horse is a Horse? Neigh… Not at Camden!

I was trudging across the Ash Heap region and decided to stop by good ol’ Camden Park. If you haven’t heard about it before – this is where Mr. Fuzzy can be found! It was an amusement park that had rides and stuff before the bomb. I heard they had “smile training” for some of the more… fleshy employees… Now the only things who hang out there are Scorched, ghouls, and Fuzzy Brenda. She misses her job something awful. Poor thing.

Mr. Fuzzy
The map in front of Camden Park. This guy couldn’t figure out where to go.

As I was thinking about how cool it would be to have these rides working and to be able to, you know, ride. I got to looking closer and noticed something I had never noticed before. The animals on the carousel were… different. Almost.. in pain?

Horse Shot with Arrows

I couldn’t stop zooming in to get a closer shot with my camera – the detail was amazing. Look at the little blood drops coming out where the horse was shot! Who would have thought to have done that! Did you see the horse with the lion trying to rip his neck out?! Crazy cool!

I think my favorite is the horse being eaten by a squid. It’s the artists’ style of a mashed up sea horse. How did the squid get to the horse? Do horses like to swim? Even a Lion Horse with his Pick Axe! How did it use an ax without thumbs?

What horse is your favorite?

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